Season One:


Dr. Kevin Sedatole

Michigan state university

"How many things can you go to where it's really a joy to do your job? Yes; it's hard work, but you get to work with young people. You get to influence lives and you get to do it through music. And for me, as I realized in my first year of teaching, that was the most important thing." ~Dr. Kevin Sedatole

Richard Floyd

Texas UIL MUsic director emeritus

"You can't predict peak emotional experiences. You can't say that on a certain day at a certain time that all the stars are going to align and it's going to be wonderful. You can't do that! But, the one thing you can do is always GO FOR IT. And if you do that every day, those 'magic' moments take care of themselves." ~Richard Floyd

Professor Jerry Junkin pt 1

University of Texas at austin

"There was one guy who sold more Coke than anybody else.  [Fuzzy was] a very personable guy so everybody liked him on his route.  But also, he would visit twice as many places was hard work.  He was always the first one out and last one back in." ~Jerry Junkin

Dr. Frank Ticheli pt 1


"For one semester I was a High School Band Director. I didn't know at the time that I'd write a lot of music for young people. I learned things in that job that you can't learn from a book, from a classroom...I learned things that I didn't know I'd end up using decades down the road" ~Dr. Frank Ticheli

Professor Jerry Junkin pt 2


"Balance - what is balance?!? I think it's a constant struggle. It seems that if you're not trying desperately to find balance then something is slipping somewhere." ~Jerry Junkin


Dr. Frank Ticheli pt 2


"I’m starting a new piece and I’m a beginner again until I find the universe that that piece occupies. It often takes a LONG time to find that universe. That’s the scary part and that’s where you need the courage." ~ Dr. Frank Ticheli