Season Two:


Jeff visits with legends John Whitwell,
Steven Bryant, Joe Alessi, and Eric Whitacre.


Professor John Whitwell

Michigan state university

Jeff spends some time in the van with Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University John Whitwell.  Take a stroll down memory lane with the Professor across his 50+ year career of music making.

Composer Steven Bryant

Somewhere in the alps

Jeff takes prolific composer Steven Bryant for a ride in the minivan.  Steven breathes fire, talks about the importance of his cat in the compositional process, and the "legal high" of composition.


Professor Joseph Alessi

New York Philharmonic - JuIlliard School

Join Jeff on a ride with the Trombone legend, Joe Alessi.  Learn why Alessi didn't want to play the trombone, the value of singing, and the importance of never giving up.

Composer Eric Whitacre

Los angeles 

Ride with Jeff and the Grammy Award-winning Composer Eric Whitacre.  They'll tackle the tough issues like hair care and the compositional value of animal crackers.